Shorted EURUSD at H4 Supply in Sideways Market

This supply on the EURUSD H4 chart looks pretty decent, the arrival into the drop-base-drop supply zone was good enough to place a limit order at 1.1280 with a stop loss at 1.1340. The target is the support line, which is only a few pips above daily demand zone. (more…)

H4 Demand Zone on EURUSD In Uptrend

Price retraced to demand zone on H4 chart, trend is up and there is enough profit margin until next supply. Limit order placed and filled. (more…)

Buying EURUSD on H4 continuation pattern

This demand zone was more of a continuation pattern (CP) in the form of a rally-base-rally. In this case it did not continue the H4 trend. Probably because the arrival to the zone was not the best, too many bumps. I know that the best probabilities lie at the extremes, that is either rally-base-drop or drop-base-rally. (more…)

Sold EURUSD at supply zone on the daily

The supply zone on the daily was actually not bad, but my “wiggle room” was too small. I often see, that price breaks through distal line (SL + buffer) just hitting 50% of an engulfing bar, which formed here right after creating the supply zone above (see sell limit). (more…)