There are several ways you can go to enhance your understand of the markets and your strategy. You can read that many books and that many videos on trading, but true expertise comes from doing it.

Although I am still learning and mastering the skills of successful traders, I use a live trading account. I want an environment as realistic as possible, because losses of real money will hurt more than of paper money.

Nevertheless, it can take much time to learn a strategy, especially if one is trading higher timeframes (H4 and up). It is not unusual that I have to wait days or even weeks to have the market meet my entry criteria. Therefore I use Forex Tester to simulate trading with historical market data in a very short time.

This software allows me to “start” the market, so I can watch the price action unfold bar by bar, as if it was live. This way I can test my strategy agains a time period of, lets say 1 month in just 10 minutes (depending on the signal timeframe).

If you want to take a look on Forex Tester, just follow the button below. They offer a free trial.ff3

Forex Tester 3