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Revisiting supply after a long time. Selling NZDCAD

Price is slightly uptrending, on higher timeframe D1 it is a downtrend. The supply zone looks very solid, strong departure, took out previous demand zones and is fresh (this is the first retrace). Because H4 and D1 trends are not aligned, I just go for a quick move before confirming the trendline.


Selling downtrend supply on CADCHF

This might not be the best supply zone, but because of the clear downtrend, I expect price to go further, where my target is placed.


GBPCHF Sold at Supply

This looks like a good setup, the supply zone is fresh, first retrace after one month and nice and fast arrival. A fast arrival means usually a fast departure, statistically viewed. I placed a limit sell order at 1.4900 with a stop at 1.4935. Lets see how it develops. (more…)

USDCHF at Supply, I Am Selling

Another trading opportunity I took, this time on USDCHF H4 chart. The supply zone was creating after breaking a strong resistance at 0.9665 and 0.9570, where it retraced because of the rally-base-rally demand, which I did not took, because I did not like the little pause before demand and the fact, that price established a new downtrend on the H4 timeframe. (more…)

Demand Zone at GBPCHF on H4 Timeframe, Buying

This demand zone is a rally-base-rally which caused price to break through the ranging area left to it. Then it created another ranging area right to it. Since there is also daily demand behind, I placed my buy limit. This was a bit deeper in the H4 demand, because there was a “breather” before arrival. (more…)

Shorted EURUSD at H4 Supply in Sideways Market

This supply on the EURUSD H4 chart looks pretty decent, the arrival into the drop-base-drop supply zone was good enough to place a limit order at 1.1280 with a stop loss at 1.1340. The target is the support line, which is only a few pips above daily demand zone. (more…)

H4 Demand Zone on EURUSD In Uptrend

Price retraced to demand zone on H4 chart, trend is up and there is enough profit margin until next supply. Limit order placed and filled. (more…)

Buying AUDUSD at H4 Demand, but in Higher Timeframe Downtrend

Found this trend on H4 AUDUSD chart and looked to find an entry. The little demand zone was a sweet spot to continue the trend. I placed my limit order (i only use limit orders) at 0.7140 with a stop loss 30 pips below. The screenshot was taken right after triggering my order. (more…)

Selling USDJPY at H4 Supply, potential 3R profit

I found this opportunity on the USDJPY H4 timeframe. After the huge fall this market is now in a consolidation phase, whose range is about 300 pips. The marked supply zone is 50 pips wide, the next probable target at 50% of the engulfing bullish bar. This is where i will be looking to exit. (more…)